• Act Audio Vacuum Tube Amplifier 6C33
  • Act Audio Vacuum Tube Preamplifier RL-1
  • Act Audio Vacuum Tube CD Player RCD-1
  • Act Audio Power Terminal

Power Terminal

Act Audio Power Terminal - image 1

The power terminal is a high-end audiophile device.
The internal wiring is done with pure copper solid core wires.
The entire chassis is made from aluminium and finished by plastification.
The device has four Kema-Keur power sockets made in Holland.
The power terminal uses FB 20 A/250 V fuse.
This is a handmade and unique product. All parts have been carefully selected.

Act Audio Power Terminal - image 2

  • Dimensions:
    • Width: 330 mm
    • Height: 80 mm
    • Depth: 120 mm
    • Weight: 2 kg